Bengali Indian Thali Feast

These dishes are inspired by Bengal’s cuisine fusioned with my mother’s spin on the traditional flavors.

Aloo Bhaate Croquettes | Mashed Potato with Chile de Arbol, Guajillo, Mustard Seeds, Spices
Karela Fried Chips | Bittermelon fried in Chickpea Flour Batter and Spices
Nan Bread | Wheat Based  (Although in Bengal we only used to have chapati or Poori, no Nan just to clarify 😂)
Mishti Pulao Rice | Scented Vegetable Basmati with Cashews, Raisins, Turmeric, Almonds, Spices
Chingri Malai Curry | Coconut Konjac “Shrimp” Curry and Sweet Plantains
Panch Puran Chana Dal | Yellow Split Lentils with Mustard, Cumin, Fennel, Nigella and Fenugreek Spices
Tofu Chana Tandoori | Ginger, Jalapenos, Marinated Tofu, Peppers, Cilantro, Housemade Cashew Yogurt
Tomato Chutney | Sweet and Spicy Tomato Sauce with Aromatic Herbs
Carrot Halwa Dessert | Carrots, Raisins, Coconut Condense Milk

Feast Serves 4-6. Everything is Gluten Free except the Naan Bread. Tofu Channa Tandoori is the only item with Soy.

Price: $45.00

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