Cosmic vegan flavors inspired by international cuisines with a focus on Latin sabores. Join us for dinner at our restaurant at Phonobar in Hayes Valley on 370 Grove St, San Francisco, California. 

First come first serve, no reservations. Plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Menu changes with weekly specials and seasonal ingredients.

Hours: Taco Tuesday 5-9pm. Wednesday – Saturday 5-10pm. Sunday 3-9pm.


Truffle Fries $10 Shoestring Fries with Parmesan, Herbs and Truffle Aioli (GF, SF, NF)

Furikake “Crab” Cakes $15 Jackfruit, Rice Panko, Macha Furikake Aioli, Spring Salad * Contains Sesame Seeds (GF, SF, NF) add 1 cake + $5

Chorizo Flautas $14 King Oyster Trumpet Mushrooms, Potatoes, Cabbage, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde, Crema, Salsa Roja, Shaved Cotija and Avocado (GF, SF, NF)

Hibiscus Flower Tacos $13 Caramelized Hibiscus Onions, Cabbage, Avocado Mousse, Cilantro, Crema, Salsa Roja (2) (SF, NF, GF)

Loaded BBQ Mac n Cheese $17 Pulled BBQ Jackfruit, Wheat Macaroni, White Wine Violife Bechamel, Panko Crust, Pico de Gallo, Avocado (NF, SF)

Ceviche Michoacano Tostadas $16 King Trumpet Mushroom, Persimmon, Cauliflower, Salsa Colorada, Pico de Gallo, Avocado, Crema, Lime, Corn Tostadas (3)(SF, GF, NF)

Om Cheese Board $25 Oyster Tapenade Sesame Cheese, Caprese Olive Skewers, Garlic Confit Cashew Fondue, Om Nut Seed Salsa, Seasonal Mezcal Escabeche, Cult Crackers, Chile Pasilla Hibiscus Jam (GF, SF)

Winter Kale Caesar $15 Rainbow Kale, Roasted Butternut Squash, Cranberries, Pepitas, Parmesan, Coconut Feta, Caper Cashew Dressing, Lemon (GF, SF).

Green Chile Bisque $12 Creamy Soup of Roasted Chile Anaheim, Poblano, Cashew Bechamel, Acme Crostini (SF,GF W/O bread)

Om Burger $17 Seared Impossible Meat, Roasted Poblano Pepper, Charred Onion, Coconut Cheese, Green Leaf, Tomato and Toreado Aioli on a Pretzel Bun (NF. GF available) Add Avocado + $1

Chikn’Paella Valenciana $23 Saffron Rice, Soy Protein, Olives, Pepper sofrito, Peas, English, Martket Vegetables, Lemon, Herbs, (GF, NF)

Potato Cheese Gratin + Crispy Mushrooms $27 Baked Scalloped Potato, Garlic Confit Cashew Bechamel, Beer Battered Oyster Mushrooms, Red Wine Reduction, Roasted Vegetables, Cilantro Mint Chimichurri(GF, SF)

Drunken Peaches and Cream Pastry $13 Peaches, Vanilla Bavarian Cream, Oatly Vanilla Ice Cream, Cinnamon Spices, Coconut Cream, Wheat Pastry (NF)
Blueberry Wine Cheesecake $12 Blueberry Red wine Reduction, Tofu Coconut Lime Custard, Graham crust, Market Fruit (NF)

Available now through Grubhub for Delivery and Pickup.


Autumn Pastry Gift Box | Pick up September 24th, 25th

All of our packaging is biodegradable.

All of are packaging for preorders or take out meals are made from plants by Vegware. The compostable white trays can can be used to heat items in oven or microwave without the clear lid. The clear “plastic” looking ones melt with heat.

No plastic here! Spread compost, not waste!



We are Om Sabor and we work passionately to our create unique flavors from universal and Latin cuisine in hopes to bring awareness to an eco friendly consciousness that vibrates positivity to the heart, spirit and soul!

My name is Dhanistha Rivera and my partner is Luis Alfredo Flores and we are Mexican vegan chefs sharing our passion for good karma food with a touch of our Mexican roots inspired with other universal cuisines. Check out our flavors at our restaurant inside Phonobar in Hayes Valley in the city of San Francisco or from GrubHub and feel the cosmic positive plant vibrations! 

We are lovers of art, music, laughs, dance, conversations and transcendental flavors!  

Luis Alfredo and Dhani 


370 Grove St, San Francisco CA 94134 (inside Phonobar)


Parking available in Public City Parking behind/next on Grove st.

A big thanks to all that make our business possible, from the farmers, compostable Vegware packaging, distributers, Mother Earth, the Universe and you all for supporting our Latino owned small business!