Thank you for visiting our humble website. Our mission is to create Cosmic Vegan Food Vibrations with Flavors from the Universe!! Our plant based food is made with love in hopes to elevate awareness for a higher compassion and environment friendly consciousness.

Om Sabor’s vision is to create a community where farmers, craftsmanship, wineries and small businesses can work with each other to create a sustainable local economy. 



We are Om Sabor and we’re all about cosmic positive vibrations and transcendental flavors!  My name is Dhanistha and my partner Luis Alfredo and I are chefs in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA. We both work in the restaurant industry and have joined our different minds to create flavors from the universe in accessible plant based vibrations. 

Om sabor is the new face of The Vegetarian Blog that caters a unique experience of traditional to fusion cuisine with flavors and textures ranging from Latin to Asian. for Festivals and Pop Up Dinners. We really try to focus on buying local, seasonal, organic produce to cater these festivals thus building relationships with small business owners and farmers from Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. Currently we’ve catered: Vegan Beer Food & Music Festival in Portland and LA (now known as EAT DRINK VEGAN), Tequila and Taco Music Festival in SC, LA, SD, SF Beer Week, Earth Day in Sacramento, and World Veg Fest in San Francisco for the past 3 years. Every year gets more exciting as we keep expanding to more festivals and Pop Up Dinners this 2017. 

We have been doing pop ups at music and food festivals and are now expanding to collaborate on a farm to table pop ups, whether it’s on a farm or an urban setting. We are lovers of art, music, laughs, conversations and we’d love to participate in your farm, restaurant, supper club or festival to share our passion for good karma food!

Check our Feastly or events page to see where we’ll be next! We hope to serve you an explosion of exquisite flavors ranging from Al Pastor Tacos, Peruvian Ceviches, Tikka Masala Tamales, Teriyaki Seitan Burritos, Coconut Curries,  Venezuelan Arepas,  Hibiscus Flower Tacos and much more! Have a beautiful and positive vibes all day!

Luis Alfredo and Dhani

Marco Antonio RegilThe Om Bus

Om Sabor Feastly

Pop Ups

  • Pop up 27th November at Vegan Republic in Berkeley 12pm-4pm
  • Pop up 30th 7pm and 8:30pm  Italian Fusion at @feastly

Tis the Season for Pozole & Tamales! 

Now available throughout November and December, send a direct message to our Facebook,  Instagram or email for placing your order and confirm with payment sent to Venmo. Next deliveries are 17 and on Thanksgiving in San Francisco with a minimum of 10 tamales, pick ups also available.

Tamales for the Season 

Om Sabor is part of Feastly’s Community of Chefs in San Francisco where our weekly pop ups are hosted.

Check out our schedule on Feastly’s website to reserve your seating!











Weekly Feastly’s Pop Ups  2018


The Om Bus

We’d love to introduce you to our brother the Om Bus, where we are now hosting our Vegan Picnic Pop Ups with tours of scenic spots in San Francisco. This cosmic bus has a dj booth, bar, back view bed, and open space for dancing! In hopes of bringing the community together, we want to share vegan vibes in a fun positive environment. Check out our facebook page for exciting upcoming events at


Pop Up Tickets: Feastly and Houspoon
Phone: 831-291-3773

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