Hola! Thank you for visiting our page today! Our mission is to create Cosmic Vegan Food Vibrations with Flavors from the Universe!! Our plant based food is made with love in hopes to elevate awareness for a higher compassion and environment friendly consciousness.

Om Sabor’s vision is to create a community where farmers, craftsmanship, wineries and small businesses can work with each other to create a sustainable local economy. 



We are Om Sabor and we’re all about cosmic positive vibrations and transcendental flavors!  My name is Dhanistha and my partner Luis Alfredo and I are chefs in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA. We both work in the restaurant industry and have joined our different minds to create flavors from the universe in accessible plant based vibrations. 

Om sabor caters a unique experience of traditional to fusion cuisine with flavors and textures ranging from Latin to Asian for Caterings, Packaged Products, Festivals and Pop Up Dinners. 

We are lovers of art, music, laughs, conversations and we’d love to participate in your farm, restaurant, supper club or festival to share our passion for good karma food!

Luis Alfredo and Dhani

Marco Antonio RegilThe Om Bus

Om Sabor Feastly


Om Sabor Products

You can now get our Om Sabor products shipped nationwide with Mylk Guys vegan online delivery store!

The Om Bus

We’d love to introduce you to our brother the Om Bus, where we host our Vegan Picnic Pop Ups with tours of scenic spots in San Francisco. This cosmic bus has a dj booth, bar, back view bed, and open space for dancing! In hopes of bringing the community together, we want to share vegan vibes in a fun positive environment. Check out our facebook page for exciting upcoming events at

The Om Bus
Bus Hourly Rental:

$175 per hr
$150 hrs  4 hrs +


Phone: 831-291-3773
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